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jean-luc veret

Jean-Luc Veret is an eclectic artist.  He graduated at Paris’ Fine Arts School and has a Master’s Degree in plastic Arts, but above all he is a painter. He is also a fashion photographer, a music video director, a theater decorator, an advertising consultant  the chief  editor of the Tsunami manga comics’ magazine, and an esthetics and style teacher. Indeed, this multi-faced man did not hesitate to complete his knowledge in plastic arts with a General mathematics Degree and a training at the Arts and Crafts School. It is little to say that his mind is curious. His canvasses invite us to a great open-mindedness. And it is the reason why they have been exhibited in many places for twenty years or so.

Jean-Luc Veret’s admiration goes to all those who made our Art History: he feels indebted towards those men that painted the cave paintings of Prehistory, those men that made the Italian Renaissance, that invented the surrealistic and situationist movements, that had the boldness of pop art. True, Jean-Luc Veret’s painting is well filled with all these illustrious and essential references. However, at the same time, and above all, it seems filled with the artist’s encounters with other artists. How not to be moved by those moments spent in company of  Warhol, Pacadis, Combas, Di Rosa? In line of painters of that generation, Jean-Luc Veret builds his canvasses in a constant effect between shapes and colours. Acrylics, oils, pigments, collages, create space that gain matter, additions, brushings, tears, as they are scratched. Then, the colors can have fun and oppose themselves or fit together: black and white above all, but sometimes also reds and purples, yellows and oranges. Because, for Jean-Luc Veret, everything is nothing but a contrast between what is visible and invisible; everything is nothing but frontier. What matters is to cross the frontier, to go as far as Eden.

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