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It is in Montpellier’s Fine Arts School where Diez studied painting, sculpture, photography, screen printing, computer graphics. He became a plastic artist and has been practising it for more than 10 years in cartoons, children illustrations, and postcard drawings.

Diez found in the Dada and Cobra movements the roots of his picture references. Diez recognizes his masters in the settings designers, in the agitators of the new contemporary graphic scene, and in the comics’ drawing artists. In his pantheon, you can find François Boisrond, Jacques Tardi, Hugo Pratt, Javier Mariscal. Diez’ artwork is well enshrined in the line of these refined drawings: he seeks to be simple, elementary. The colors are primary; the acrylics are worked in patina. The topics are commune: pets and daily objects are built from a sketch. Thus, Diez imposes us to keep our feet on the ground. The tones are those which colour our usual environment; the themes are those who animate our ordinary company. And yet, by the naïveté and sharpness of his feature, he makes us leave our daily life, our worries. Feet on the floor, but the head already in the clouds. Diez’s canvasses take us somewhere else. Or rather, they bring us back to our childhood. This childhood that we can remember as careless , head in the clouds, mirages. In the stars.

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