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carole leprince

Born in 1966 in Paris, Carole Leprince, native of Brittany, began painting in 1992. In 1995, she took classes at Clichy’s Ateliers des Beaux Arts where she learnt the basis of drawing. She took these classes until 2002, date when she decided to stand on her own feet. So she exhibited in Paimpol in 2002, at Paris’ Marché de la Création and participated to the Voeux d’Artistes collective exhibition in 2005.

Carole Leprince paints characters, most often emblematical of an idea, an impression. They are represented simply, in everyday poses. They are simple characters with which time seems to have stopped : “I like painting people whom I transform into characters. I try to bring them to life.” The artist paints by little touches, delicate and rigorous, as if trying to shape these bodies and bring them to life. The colors are bright and the light, by its sparkles effects, gives relief to this painting that is not without recalling Macke’s works. Carole Leprince works most often according to pictures, which gives her the necessary time and distance to carve her painting and give it firmness, as she attaches to settings as well as characters, and watching her canvasses, one can be surprised asking oneself questions about these characters, about what can be or could have been their lives, hopes, thoughts.

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