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As a self-taught artist, ARK developed love for painting from 1994. She exhibits each year in her region and in different galleries and events. Born in Lausanne, ARK left Switzerland to settle in the Drôme in 1979. After a dozen years spent on creation and on hired sewing labour, she decided to express herself through painting after a drawing and painting training at Valence’s School of Fine Arts, as evening classes. She took other courses to finally reach a stronger wish and stand on her own feet. Her time is shared between her painting and a patina work on sculpture at Pierre Revol’s studio in Crest. Her work is exhibited in Paris, Bruxelles, Divonne, Auvers-en-Auxos, St-Prex (Sw itzerland) and permanently at Carcavel’s studio in Crest.

She works on painting by continually exploring new ways. She paints travels, invitations, suggestions, possibilities. Thanks to ARK, a genuine emotion settles in between the painting and the watcher. Rather abstract, her current painting is like a musical note, which is suggested but never played. She invents in this vacuum what she likes, and makes us room for the journey. One can get into her painting, walk around, and live a lot of adventures in it, mixing what one is and what can be seen. Her work works towards abstraction. The aim is a search for a suggested landscape, a colour, a material that nature lets us glimpse. Nothing is defined or permanent. Everything is evolution and movement in the short-lived and fragile moment.

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